ASUS G46VW 14in Gaming Pocket book Unboxing

The ASUS G46VW has been unboxed… OUTDOORS!

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  1. Picked up one of these, the exact model, at an estate sale in February for $20USD. I just ordered 2x 8GB of RAM for it and going to replace the 750GB HD with a 500GB SSD. It's a great machine, looks like it's been hardly used in 8 years.

  2. Does anyone knows if I can run 1920×1080 on a external monitor plugged into G46VW. The display for this notebook is only HD so I'm worried I can't run 1920×1080 with the external monitor plugged. 

  3. What do you think of this laptop nowadays? Can it run latest game like BF4 on Med and High? And is 4 gb of ram is good for gaming under this laptop with a spec of i7-3630 turbo boost 3.4 and a display of 1600×900 and windows 8 64bit?

  4. Can I ask you why you choose to have on Alienware and not Asus or Razer? Asus and Razer both have 14 inch gaming laptops. The Razer is much more expensive than the Alienware but not anymore powerful. The Asus is only a little cheaper than the Alienware but has lower specs. So for a gaming laptop, the Alienware is best on a price/performance ratio.

  5. I'd just like to say that Alienware products are overpriced and not worth the money when it comes down to specs and performance. They look cool but overall the quality and performance is a lot lower than other models for the same price.

  6. The starting 14 has a i5, 750m, 720p, 7.8lbms ($1100). The asus has an i5, 660m, 900p, 5.5lbs ($900) and has a hybrid drive. What makes you think that the 750m is faster than a 660m? Have you even looked at any benchmarks? If you get the starting 14, you pay $300 more for a slower gpu, thicker and heavier machine with a lower resolution. In order to get an alienware laptop that is more powerful than the asus you need to bump it up to 1500 and you still lack the hybrid drive.

  7. Get your facts right. The staring 14 is an i5 700m (750>660) The screen resolution is 1920×1080. The Asus' screen resolution is 1366×768, which is clearly a lot more. So, if you know anything about computers (which clearly you don't) you will see that the Alienware is more powerful.

  8. The starting 14x is 1200-1300 ish. you get an i5 and a 650m. So it is more expensive, thicker, heaver, and has a lower res screen along with being less powerful. (660m>650m). How is the m14x more powerful?

  9. You clearly don't know what you are talking about. There was 1 Dell model about 7 years ago that caught fire on a few occasions. Has an Alienware ever caught fire? No. They do get very hot when gaming, but they are quality built. Also, Alienware are owned by Dell but this doesn't mean that they are made by Dell. Get your facts right before coming on here and saying that a great computer is crap.

  10. Yes, they are very expensive, but that is because you get amazing power in a small laptop that you can take anywhere. But no way are they underpowered. If you think this you clearly don't know anything about computers. My M14X runs BF3 on ultra at over 60fps. Do you think an underpowered PC would be able to do that? No.

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