ASUS P7P55D Deluxe P55 LGA1156 Core i5 Motherboard Unboxing Linus Tech Tips

The “Deluxe” level board has all the bells and whistles without the wicked palette of the Maximus III Solution. General I believe I ‘d choose the Maximus III Solution if I was investing this much on an ASUS P55 board.

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  1. Was he born in a rich family or something? That he could afford so many products to review. I doubt big companies would sponser a small channel with barely any face at that time.

  2. Mine after 8 years of hard work has faulty USB controller..using USB peripherial everything goes off apart cpu and external audio card. Off and reset button dont work, need to cut off supply

  3. I have exact the same Motherboard with an i7 870 OC'd to 4,2GHz of course with a good cooling solution: Corsair Hydro 100i v2 in a Corsair 100R Case…
    12 Gigs of Ram and a GTX 980 Ti

  4. Hello. I P7P55D, and ati 6950 2gb. There are 2 slots: 1 (2.0_1 PCIe x16 slot (blue, at x16 link) 2 (2.0 PCIe x16_2 slot (black, at x4 link). I have connected the ati 6950 in 2 (2.0 PCIe x16_2 slot (black, at x4 link). If I put you in the first slot I'll have better performance? Help me ….

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