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When do you require a device for a device? When it is among the most popular cordless earphones around. Apple’s AirPods Pro earbuds have actually developed their own device environment, total with extra cases and other add-ons that assist get rid of small drawbacks that, for some individuals, might be significant.

When it pertains to Apple AirPods and their devices, there’s no lack of range. If you desire an authentic leather case vs. silicone product, a charging case or a cordless charging case, all of those are offered. If you desire an enjoyable bring case, a water resistant case, something with a consisted of carabiner keychain or something that hangs from your keychain, those exist also. If you’re wanting to individualize things even more, you can even get an AirPods Pro case cover or an AirPods skin. The alternatives are relatively limitless.

However you require to begin someplace. From the very best AirPods Pro case to the very best cordless battery charger and more, here’s a take a look at a few of CNET’s leading choices of devices for AirPods, based upon my own hands-on experience with each item. The majority of them fall under the protective case and earbud improvement pails, with a couple of other intriguing things I have actually discovered. I’ll upgrade this as I check more of the very best AirPods Pro devices.

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You can discover more affordable knockoff variations of Driver’s AirPods Pro case ($ 30), however the Driver is a much better Apple AirPod case than a lot of the impersonators, not to point out among the leading AirPods case alternatives you can buy. This AirPods case cover secures your AirPods’ own case, along with makes it completely water resistant. Another crucial function: The bundled removable carabiner lets you strap the AirPods case onto a belt loop or knapsack or utilize it as a keychain case to assist keep your wireless earbuds from getting lost. This Driver water resistant case is presently offered in black, blue or red. Anticipate more colors in the future.

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For numerous years Comply has actually been the gold requirement for memory foam eartips and now you can get Comply suggestions for your AirPods Pro. I attempted them and they work rather well and even the big idea fit simply great in the AirPods Pro charging case. With the Apple-issued suggestions, I discovered that the AirPod Pro in my left ear got a little loose when I kept up the buds. With the Comply idea, it didn’t get loose and in shape extremely firmly. They likewise appear to assist a bit with noise-canceling since you get an even tighter seal.

Comply suggestions are relatively costly at $25. You can get foam tips that cost less (more like $12-$ 15), however as I stated, Comply is the gold requirement and it might deserve paying a bit more. If you understand your particular size, you do get 3 sets of suggestions in a pack (of the very same size. Comply likewise offers a pack with little, medium and big suggestions though it’s presently just offered on the Comply site, not Amazon). That may be an excellent alternative for your brand-new AirPods Pro eartips if you have a number of individuals in your household who own the AirPods Pro and have actually various sized ears..

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Speck’s preliminary AirPods Pro cases, the Presidio Pro and Presidio Perfect-Clear, are good however nothing unique. Nevertheless, the more recent Presidio ClickFlip is more appealing, even if its sale price of $40 is high. It uses IPX5 water resistance, along with dust resistance and is usually properly designed though a bit thicker than more minimalist AirPods Pro cases.

The Lightning port is covered by a gasket, however the port is still simple to gain access to, and cordless charging works great despite the fact that the case is thicker. Likewise, the carabiner appears firmly connected to the case (with some silicone cases, the carabiner can wind up getting detached if you snag the case on something). The case has a type of band that moves up and clicks into the cover, locking it down.

The ClickFlip is offered in 3 color alternatives, and it deserves keeping in mind that you get 30% off on your very first buy from, so that can bring the rate to less than $30.

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The husband-and-wife group of Charlie and Jen at CharJenPro managed an effective Kickstarter for AirPods foam earbuds in early 2020 and now have a growing line of AirPods Pro foam eartips, consisting of the brand-new AirFoams Pro Type Fit that have a somewhat more convex shape than the initial AirFoams Pro ($ 25). A brand-new Active design is coming quickly that covers a layer of silicone over the foam.

They resemble the Comply suggestions, however I did observe that the big Comply idea is somewhat bigger than the CharJenPro AirFoams Pro Type Fit. If you generally utilize a medium idea for your AirPods Pro, you might wish to opt for a big foam idea, however the bright side is the M/L alternative features 2 suggestions so can attempt both (there’s likewise a S/M) alternative).

The initial CharJenPro foam suggestions been available in a range of colors, however the Type Fit is presently just offered in black.


Once Again, when it pertains to generic difficult cases, there are lots offered on Amazon. Nevertheless, this design from amBand, which primarily offers smartwatch bands, handles to stand apart for its appealing style and sensible rate ($ 13). Simply be cautioned that it’s a little large, however you can still wirelessly charge your AirPods Pro with the case on. It’s offered in 4 color alternatives and features a carabiner.

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Wanderer makes good leather cases for the iPhone and the initial AirPods. Its Rugged AirPods Pro case is among the very best I have actually checked. This AirPod Pro case fits like a glove and uses well with time. It’s offered in 3 colors.


If you’re searching for a small USB-C cordless charging dock for your AirPods Pro (or basic AirPods), this Satechi device fits the costs well. It’s extremely compact– generally somewhat larger than the AirPods Pro’s case– and quickly suits a pocket. It deals with any USB-C port that outputs power. The only concern is that you might have problem plugging it in if you have some sort of case on your computer system (it needs to plug all the method into the port to work).


RHA has a somewhat various take on a cordless flight transmitter. This one has 2 collapsible 3.5 mm jacks: You can either choose to utilize one 3.5 mm plug, or more for those older in-flight systems that have 2 jacks. Both plugs tuck back into the transmitter. The pairing procedure is the very same similar to the Twelve South transmitter and was uncomplicated. Like that design, this utilizes Bluetooth 5.0. It’s likewise ranked for 16 hours of battery life and charges through USB-C. It likewise deals with the Nintendo Change.


What do you do if you wish to utilize your AirPods with an in-flight home entertainment system or the TELEVISION developed into a device at the health club that needs a wired connection? Well, one workaround is purchasing a Bluetooth transmitter that you can plug into any 3.5 mm audio jack. There are numerous transmitters offered from TaoTronics and other obscure brand names (I have actually likewise attempted the TaoTronics.)

To combine your AirPods with a transmitter, you need to shut off the Bluetooth on your phone (or simply put it into plane mode), put your AirPods in their case, hold down the Bluetooth button on the transmitter till it enters into pairing mode, and after that struck the pairing button on the AirPods case. (This video discusses how to combine to your AirPods.)

Battery life is ranked at 16 hours and the AirFly Pro utilizes Bluetooth 5.0.

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Made from rugged leather and geared up with a breeze closing system, also a “loss-prevention” S-Clip, Twelve South’s AirSnap leather case is a somewhat various take on an Apple AirPods Pro case. It’s offered in 3 colors in leather for $35. You can wirelessly charge your AirPods Pro with the leather case on.


The AirPods Pro function cordless charging, so you’ll require a cordless charging pad to benefit from that function. An excellent budget friendly alternative for both your AirPods Pro and your phone is the Anker PowerWave. It uses 7.5-watt charging for your iPhone and 10-watt charging for Android designs that support it. It costs $14 however in some cases goes on sale for less than $10. Readily available in black, white and blue.

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