Collapsible iPhone. YES !! – WAN Program January 1, 2021 

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Timestamps (Thanks To Pizza Thyme Pizza FanClub).
0:00 Start.
0:24 Linus And Luke’s New Years experience.
1:42 Subjects to be covered.
3:09 Introduction.
3:52 Linus forgot something.
4:30 Collapsible iPhones and Apple’s entire item environment.
4:40 2 various hinge styles.
5:20 Apple has actually been presenting more SKUs of the iPhone given that initial launch.
7:39 Apple is most likely to make folding phones as a parallel line of product.
9:53 Nintendo resembles Apple with eliminating popular items and reimagining it.
13:24 Future iPhone lineup forecasts.
14:33 iFold as a brand-new gadget?
17:14 iPod’s Factor for Presence.
20:02 Airpod versus Beats.
22:23 Beats May Have Actually Been Bought to be Eliminated.
24:35 Information on Collapsible iPhone Prototypes.
27:15 The Artificial Sun Increases in the East (Combination Reactor).
27:22 Superconducting Combination Tokamak Reactor Runs for 20 seconds.
28:37 Present problems with combination reactors.
29:39 Tyler upgrade.
33:17 Hedge Fund Advices Intel to Contract Out CPU Production.
33:26 Even if you provide somebody financing does not indicate you understand how to utilize it.
35:18 Hedge fund needs intel shed CPU production.
37:03 Gamers Nexus Frustration 2020 Build.
38:22 Hedge fund supervisor victim of Dunning-Kruger result.
39:38 Linus’s Speculation on TSMC Intel Partnership.
42:58 How Intel Differs From The Competitors.
45:06 Sponsor Spots feet Incorrect Banners.
45:30 Redux.
46:25 Seasonic.
47:52 KernalCare.
49:01 LMG working with interview with Madison tomorrow.
51:47 Linus selling water bottles on Amazon.
54:00 Apple learnt about kid labor for many years.
55:50 Shroud.
56:24 Surprise Linus understands what takes place in videos and acts very first responses often.
58:48 Linus Responds to Shroud Responds to Linus Tech Tips.
1:02:00 Superchats.
1:02:03 Hi from Texas.
1:02:17 What will occur to old LTT servers?
1:02:56 Apple Kid Labor Hypocrisy.
1:05:00 Northern Lights Deskpad.
1:05:38 Dell Update.
1:05:56 Linus workstation stream.
1:06:32 Underclothing in stock when?
1:10:18 Outro.

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  1. I really hope Madison makes it, she was freakin funny as hell. Don’t stuff her in the back corner somewhere, she needs to be on camera and let her wit run it’s course.

  2. apple need to do a fold because they have to keep the pretense that they’re innovative. Can’t have everyone else doing it and not them. But it will be so expensive that it’s still cheaper to have an iphone and ipad so it won’t step on anything. It’s just going to be a way to drain a lot of money from some rich idiots while keeping the innovation veneer.

  3. The iPod is really useful, if you have apple music, but not Car Play, or are a bit older and don´t have a smartphone and it was set up in the car for you.

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