Simply How Bad is Blending Memory?

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See what takes place when you blend RAM DIMMS from various makers!

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CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x
Motherboard: ASUS B550 Plus TUF Video Gaming
GPU: RTX 2060 Super Creators Edition
Cooler: Active 212 LED
Memory Packages …
Corsair Revenge LPX 2x8GB 3000MHz
Corsair Revenge RGB 8x8GB 2666MHz
Essential Ballistix 2x16GB 3200MHz
Essential Ballistix RGB 2x8GB 3200MHz
G.Skill Sniper X 2x8GB 3400MHz
G.Skill Spear Z RGB 2x8GB 4000MHz
G.Skill Spear Z Neo 2x8GB 3600MHz

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  1. Yo my guy i got a question. Ive got a m.2 ssd but it doesnt allow me to use it for a start up as it doesnt show in the bios but it works with my hdd? I dont have much knowledge about pc’s. What should i do ?

  2. I couldn’t find sticks to match my existing ones. The new ones I got were faster clock but slower timings. Using one of each batch in each channel, such that the channels are equivalent, the system works, and even XMP works most of the time (the slower clock faster timings modules’ profile). I do experience occasional freeze outs in some games that don’t seem to relate to CPU or GPU. Flipping sticks between slots 1 and 2 in each channel didn’t work because it caused the faster-clock sticks’ profile to be used. Not sure if I tried mismatched channels.
    Was it worth it? No, not really. I don’t really use the extra capacity for most of the stuff I do. On the occasional time I edit video, I can pop them in and then take them out again.

  3. You gave no indication if you were using Dual rank or single rank modules (singledouble sided). That one system you were having issues with, that was likely the cause. Mixing DSSS dimms can have very mixed results. And it’s been that way before Dual channel was even a thing.

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