MSI Z68A-GD65 (G3) LGA1155 SLI PCI-e Gen3 Motherboard Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Ideas

This board options PCIe Gen3, which supplies you double the bandwidth! It additionally comes with an unprecedented 5 yr guarantee from MSI and their all-new Click on Bios II (an evolution of Click on BIOS)

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  1. @bananakiller21 i would get the GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD3P i was going to get that one but because it had 5 year warranty i choose this one and it was a horrible choice wasted a week of my life returning the board for a new one…….

  2. @bananakiller21 I bought a retail version u numbskull i got sent a open box product from newegg … last time i buy a board from them…. this motherboard looks good but too much of a failure rate i will get a replacement tomorrow and see of its all good..

  3. @George241312 the motherboard is amazing when it works but too many failure rates i would buy a better board from asus for $30 more….. but for now if the new one i get is all good then ill keep it…

  4. @MultiDERZ horrible quality i got mine doa from newegg on Thursday it was all covered in fingerprints and the heatsinks screws on the back were stripped it was like that when i opened it i rma'd it now and waiting on replacement and the io shield is pretty cheap….

  5. does anyone know the meanings of the numbers and letters on this model? z68 would be the chipset, but how about the rest (the A, the GD55, etc.)? i hope when people make reviews or unboxings, they'll also explain what these letters/numbers stand for…..

  6. I've heard some good reputation for the Z68A-GD55, and I've been checking it out, but I just want to make sure…

    Is there any other difference between it and this one aside for the extra SATA ports? I think the GD55 has 6, while this one shows 8. I don't think I will need 8 SATA ports, but I want to know if I will lose any other features by going for one tier lower. It's only a 15$ difference… but it really adds up you know.

  7. Can someone tell me which is "better" Touch BIOS or Click BIOS II?

    I'm going for ease of installation here, and I don't plan on doing much overclocking or SLI/Crossfire, I would like something that will install reliably without giving me a headache. I know that things are moving towards UEFI right now, but it seems like they're both pseudo-UEFI, or something… I just want to know which is best for me.

  8. @kanbeiZ oh correction G3 emans it has the pcie 3.0 slots. So an Intel ivy bride cpu will work on a regular lga 1155 socket mobo with pcie 2.0 slots. ivy bridge cpus will support pcie 3.0

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