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Verizon’s 3G network will continue to spend time, in spite of previous strategies to close down the service over the previous couple of years.

In a declaration provided to Light Reading, Verizon spokesperson Kevin King stated the business is keeping the older cordless network keeping up no specific timeline for when the business will close down the service.

While there is no specific shutoff date, King informs CNET that Verizon is “actively dealing with consumers” to get them onto among its more current networks. He includes that there are some agreements for the provider’s linked gadgets that still require to be honored while Verizon is likewise making certain that those still with 3G phones are “not left high-and-dry.”

” As quickly as we have the ability to move individuals off we will have the ability to decommission the network,” King states.

The relocation marks a departure from previous Verizon declarations, consisting of one in 2016 in which it revealed strategies to turn off the 3G service at the end of 2019.

Verizon repeated the prepared 2019 3G network sundown in 2018 when it revealed that it would no longer be activating phones that could only connect to 3G networks In July 2019, nevertheless, the business informed Light Reading that it would press off the discontinuation of the 3G network up until completion of 2020.

By keeping its 3G network active, Verizon will continue to have 3 generations of networks functional: 3G, 4G LTE and its brand-new 5G service. It is not instantly clear the number of phones, or other 3G-connected gadgets such as ATMs, are still utilizing the 3G network, however the number appears to be big enough for Verizon to postpone the shutdown yet once again.

Verizon is not the only provider keeping 3G around for a little bit longer. AT&T formerly revealed that its 3G network will remain online until next February, while T-Mobile informed Light Checking out that it would shut off its 3G network “over the next a number of years,” though it did not supply a precise timeline.

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