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Completion of Verizon’s 3G network is near, genuine this time. After revealing in January that it would delay the shutdown date for its now two-generations old cordless service, on Tuesday the country’s biggest provider exposed in a post on its website that it will be lastly shuttering the service at the end of next year.

” We will shut off the last of the 3G CDMA network on Dec. 31, 2022, months after our rivals have actually shut down their networks entirely,” states Mike Haberman, Verizon’s vice president of network engineering. He states that this brand-new date “will not be extended once again,” including that the business is “interacting this once again now in order to supply consumers lots of time to finish their migration.”

After dealing with consumers who still count on the aging network, Haberman states that “99%” of its users are “utilizing the boosted functions of 4G LTE or 5G, with less than 1% still accessing the 3G network.”

Verizon initially revealed strategies to close its 3G network back in 2016, with a target for closing down the service in 2019. It repeated that strategy in 2018 when it revealed that it would no longer be activating phones that could only connect to 3G networks

Although it was intending to close down the network 2 years earlier, the business informed Light Reading in 2019 that it would press off the strategy to the end of 2020. This previous January it exposed that it would keep the network on in the meantime.

With the increase of 5G, providers are starting to sunset older innovations to dedicate resources to the most recent models of their particular cordless networks. AT&T formerly revealed that its 3G network will remain online until next February, while T-Mobile informed Light Reading in January that it would shut off its 3G network “over the next a number of years,” though it didn’t supply a precise timeline.

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