Your Memory is Getting its OWN CPU ?? – WAN Program February 19, 2021 

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Timestamps (Thanks To ADVERTISEMENT).
Subjects: 0:06.
Introduction: 1:57.
Sponsors: 2:20.
Samsung relaxing first high bandwidth memory and AI processing: 2:30.
Nvidia slows the mining efficiency of up coming 3060: 13:37.
New floatplane video (Purchasing fake LTT Merch): 19:35.
Sponsors: 24:35.
Responding to xQc’s response to Linus’s response of xQc developing his PC: 28:56.
Linus illustration: 49:05.
Linus confession: 1:09:38.
Linus discusses his “bone-head relocation”: 1:11:08.
Linus “general action” to the response: 1:13:28.
Linus speak about Twitch streaming and banners: 1:14:17.
Go back to other subjects:.
Facebook: 1:16:31.
Xbox series x got an upgrade: 1:21:56.
SuperChats: 1:26:04.
Outro: 1:28:46.

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  1. 56:21 yeah but the whole reason this debate was created on GN’s youtube was because the lifespan would decrease because air bubbles would get in the pump if you didn’t orientate the radiator, it was not because of the gravity

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